Combining endless curiosity with an eye for detail, I create miniature art using a .15mm pen nib. Often drawing inside only an inch or two, I’m inspired by the challenge of creating more with less. Crafted with non-toxic materials and minimalist canvases, my miniature art demonstrates how constraints can enhance creativity while encouraging sustainability.

With no formal art training, my journey as an artist has been as unexpected as could be. In middle age, I discovered drawing as a creative outlet during my career as a university instructor and adviser at Vanderbilt University. Following my own advice to students to be lifelong learners, I began honing my craft at the breakfast table as part of a miniature drawing challenge I noticed on social media. As a longtime proponent of design thinking methodologies, I found the restrictive scale resonating strongly with my belief in the creative power of boundaries.

I am best known for pushing the limits of pen and ink technology. As one art show judge noted, “It might be enough that Blake Gore manages to create detailed, realistic drawings of a tree or a building using the tiniest ink-drawing implement imaginable. Even that small, and without using a magnifier, he unleashes a delightful, slightly whimsical character to his drawings. His highly detailed bookstores are especially charming.”

My miniatures have been shown from Mississippi to Manhattan and can be found in private collections around the globe. Most recently, these tiny works have received awards at the 2021 Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art’s Boardwalk Art Show and the 2021 Neptune Art Festival in Virginia Beach. Credits and collaborations include Jo-Ann Stores, BLICK Art Materials, Sakura of America, Canson, Strathmore/Dixon Ticonderoga, Legion Paper, General Pencil, Stabilo, and The House of Illustration (United Kingdom).

Born and raised in Mississippi, I now reside in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia.


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