Have a custom miniature in mind? Bet you have questions about:

  • Size. Unless otherwise requested, all commissions are cut for 4"x4" framing.
  • Timing. Turnaround time can vary depending on the time of year. The holiday season is especially busy, so reaching out weeks or months in advance is recommended.
  • Pricing. This can range a good deal based on the subject matter and level of detail. For example, childhood home commissions are popular requests and require a substantial amount of time. 
  • Shipping. Free priority US shipping and tracking is standard for all commissions. Overnight shipping is available but is not included.
  • Portraiture. While Blake will draw almost anything else, portraits of people are usually off the table. But, dogs? Absolutely.  
For what this means for your own tiny, email a photo(s) and/or detailed description of your idea to